Thursday, August 14, 2008

Why garters are a cycling essential

Cycling and skirts aren't always the best of friends.

I've caught petticoats and long skirts in my rear brakes.
I've occasionally realised a skirts has been obscure my rear light.
I've accidentally flashed my underwear at passers by more then once.

That's less than ideal for everyone involved.
But I have found a solution!

That's right, a garter!

I wear it just above my knee and pin the fabric of my skirts to it with a safety pin.

Since I've been using it I've not revealed my crotch to any unfortunate strangers in the street.


  1. Somehow wonderfully Victorian...

  2. That please me very much! Turns out one of my longer, victorian-esk skirts is pretty good for cycling. Its so heavy that it barely notices the bike.