Tuesday, August 21, 2012

City Gardening: 1st Harvest, Shetand Black

My tiny garden as produced it's first crop (well, apart from all the mint - the battle is ongoing)!

I dug up one of my containers of first early potatoes and received a small, but perfectly formed, harvest.

I'm particularly proud of the Shetland Black potatoes (the purple ones). They taste great (but I would think that, I'm so biased) but I wish they kept their colour a bit better when cooked - they turn quite gray. Boo.


  1. How did you grow the taters? Large pots?

    1. Pretty much!

      I scavenged a few old recycling boxes when our council upgraded us to bins. They seemed to work ok but next time I think I need something taller. I've planted a few straight into our awful city soil (clay and rubble) too, so we'll see how they turn out!