Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Charity Shop Shopping

I love Charity Shops. They make me happy inside.

Recent purchases include:

A dream find - A button tin for £2.50

I picked these up for the embroidery, which is stunning.

According to my housemate, they are towel loops. You put them around folded towels to make them look all fancy.

Wooden necklace

I love charity shops.

Pretty Peruvian Earrings

These triangular beads came from a Peruvian supplier on Ebay, and have made a rather spiffing pair of earrings for my wearing pleasure.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Felted Flowers

These felted flowers were presented to different women in my life as Christmas presents.

They were made from scratch for a variety of different coloured merino tops.

I felted up a square (well, a roughly square shape) for each flower in a combination of colours suited to each of the recipients.

Then I made flower templates and created a flower from each felted 'square' before decorating with stitches, seed beads and buttons.

Quite time consuming, but worth every minute. Their recipients absolutely loved them.