Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Matryoshka stones

Look at these beautiful Matryoshka stones by Resurrection Fern. What a simple, tactile and beautiful idea

A lot of the creations and pictures shared at Resurrection Fern are so in tune with my own love of natural materials and forms, and glorious, simple details.

Don't you just want to hold them?

Ever wondered whether you can race a Brompton?

You know those tiny, funny-looking, foldable bikes you see commuters riding? The ones that look like they may fall apart at any moment? Have you ever thought about racing them?

Last weekend I visited Blenheim Palace with my family. Not only because it's a beautiful and interesting place, but also because the Brompton World Championship.

Participants dress formally for the occasion. Full three piece suits, shirts, jackets and cocktail dresses. With Blenheim, the birth place of Churchill, in the background, it all looked frightfully British.