Monday, July 2, 2007

Why sari silk is like licking the bowl

It's beautiful, but what precisely do I do with Sari silk?

I really struggle with this question.
I absolutely adore recycled sari silk. The colours, the texture. It's fantastic.
But what the hell should I do with it?

It's like in baking, sometimes cake batter tastes betters than the finished cake. It's the same for sari silk.

Colourful or textured yarn is sometimes ruined by knitting, all the colours get smooched up together, it's such a shame.

I would quite happily just admire sari silk.
Unfortunately I can't justify buying yarn just to look at it.

So I've begun creating other things with yarn that I like too much to knit with.

The bangles are simply made by wrapping and gluing yarn around an old bangle. One is made with sari silk, the other with some of the yarn I span at Glastonbury.

The sari silk bangle only used up a small fraction of my skein, so I decided to use the same technique as with the bangle, but on something a little bigger.

This bag started out as a very cheap, hideous, Primark clutch bag. I think it looks infinitely better covered in recycled silk.

The only problem now is finding an outfit that would go with it.

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