Monday, July 9, 2012

How to: Chutney Coleslaw (or how to use up manky carrots)

What do you do when life sends you an over-abundance of manky carrots?
Make coleslaw, that's what.

I'm a pretty big fan of custom-coleslaw.
Make it out of whatever you have, mix in something unusual and see how it goes. 

I added mango chutney and cumin seeds to this batch (an idea sparked by a Nigella recipe I believe) making it sweet and fragrant and delicious.

 Chutney coleslaw:

 - Grate as many carrots as you want to use up (about 8 in this case for me)

 - Finely slice half a white cabbage (what was left from our last veg-box)

 - Mix in two small tablespoons of mayonnaise, two large tablespoons of mango chutney and one tablespoon of cumin seeds* (caraway and black onion seeds would also work really well)

*adjust amounts of mayonnaise, chutney and seeds dependent on taste and quantity of vegetables.

Manky carrots are manky, no doubt about it. But its totally worth trying to salvage them if you can.

While it may look gross, this sort of mank (technical term) can be removed with a potato peeler. 

There is not a thing wrong with the carrot underneath, and why would you throw away something with such potential for deliciousness?

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