Monday, April 15, 2013

Roast beetroot, sweet potato and goats cheese tart

There's been a bit of food improv going on this evening and after some culinary disasters earlier in the week I'm pleased to announce it all worked out alright.

Wholemeal pastry filled with a roast sweet potato and thyme puree then topped with roast beetroot and plenty of goats cheese.

Shortcrust pastry for this kind of tart (or quiche) is easy. All you need to remember really is half as much fat as flour.

For this tart I used 200g of wholemeal flour and 100g of butter, plus as many tablespoons of cold water that it takes to form a dough ball. 

However, you can vary the type of flour (wholemeal or plain) and the fat (all butter or mixing in some lard) as you wish and it should still work out ok.

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