Thursday, May 31, 2012

How to: Geological bottle stoppers

I'm a pretty big fan of both geology and gin. 
Give me a good bit of strata to admire and a G&T and I'll be pretty happy.

I saw the idea for these geological bottle stoppers over at cupcakesandcashmere and couldn't wait to try it myself.

There are full, photographic, step by step instructions over at cupcakesandcashemere, but it really is very simple:

1 - Collect some suitably sized corks, and some pretty, flat bottomed stones or fossils.

My corks are tapered wine bottle corks that I bought from a home brewing website, and my amethyst and replica fossils came from London Natural History Museum.

2 - Using glue, I used a glue gun but super glue would also work, attach the stone to the wider end of the cork.

3 - Allow the glue to dry completely and add to your favourite bottles.

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