Saturday, May 19, 2012

Peanut Butter: Making up for lost time

More and more often I find myself asking why I didn't try certain foods before... like coleslaw, or pistachios. Foods I didn't like when I was a child and so didn't consider re-trying them an an adult.

Peanut butter is the latest on this list, and in character with the attitude of this blog I'm not wasting an opportunity to enjoy it!

If peanut butter will go in it, I'm putting it in. I've got missed time to make up for!

Curries? Yup
Coleslaw? Nom! It's a double combo of foods I mistakenly thought I didn't like!
Bacon sandwiches? Tasty
Burgers? Delicious
Biscuits/cakes? Of course
Peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Classic

However, the peanut butter recipe I return to again and again is peanut butter brownies. There is nothing not to like!

I use this recipe from Inside A Black Apple, take out the cocoa, replace with a little flour and add two or three large table spoons of peanut butter. 

Half chocolate brownie, half peanut butter brownie, as pictured, is also pretty special.

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