Saturday, January 14, 2012

What this bicycle needs...

On your bike, how much stuff is too much stuff?

For my commute I have the basics: pannier, lights, bell, helmet. My bike is fairly accessory-light.

And that's fine.
But it isn't easy for me.

I'm a hoarder, aesthetically driven and an impulse buyer, so keeping my bike simple and functional is harder than you might think. I just really love stuff.

Every time I browse a bike fashion blog or a bike gadget website, I risk ending up with something else to attach to my bike. One of my favourite cycling bloggers, Alice from Quaint Living, has a handlebar mounted cup holder.

Do I need a handlebar mounted cup holder? No.
Do I want a handlebar mounted cup holder? Apparently so!

The internet is a dangerous places - I work pretty hard not to bankrupt myself.

I'm such a Mrs Armitage:

"Mrs Armitage sets off for a quiet cycle with her faithful dog, Breakspear, but she just can't help thinking of ways to improve her bicycle. Before very long she has added three very loud horns, a bucket of water to wash her hands, a complete tool kit. And by the time she has also added a seat for Breakspear, two umbrellas, a cassette player and a mouth-organ, Mrs Armitage is riding a very eye-catching contraption. But it is when she finally adds the mast and sail, that Mrs Armitage really runs into trouble. . ."
With a whole world of beautiful bike accessories out there, how much is too much?
Have you ever seen an over-accessorised bike?

Where is the line between basic:handy:luxury:overload

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