Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to: Homemade goats cheese

Homemade goats cheese.
It's seriously easy.
And tastes divine.

You'll need:
Saucepan and spoon
A piece of fine muslin or a cheese cloth Colander and bowl
2 Caps of cider vinegar (or juice of half a lemon)
Chives and wild garlic (or the flavouring of your choice)
- Bring a pint of goats milk to the boil. As soon as it boils remove from the heat.

- Add, bit by bit, the cider vinegar while stirring. This will make the milk separate into curds (the solids) and whey (the remaining liquid). Once it's separated it should look like this: 

- Place the colander in your bowl, and the muslin or cheese cloth over the colander

- Pour the separated milk through the muslin. All the curds will gather in the cloth, while the whey drains through the colander and into the bowl. They whey is ideal for use in scones or soda bread (the acidity helps), or can be used or many other things, so don't throw it away!

- Let the curds drain until they reach the consistency you want (I leave mine for about an hour for a soft, spreadable cheese).

- Gather the cheese cloth up around the curds and twist to remove more whey if desired. 

- Transfer to a bowl and add salt and other flavourings to taste. I used wild garlic and chives from our garden.

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