Monday, March 19, 2012

Small scale city gardening: Where to start?

Where to start with my small, city garden? 

Stony, clayey soil and covered in weeds. It may not sound particularly promising, but the people who rented here before us managed to make it work, so I'm determined to do the same.

So where to start? 

Stage 1 - Weeding. Yawn. I've filled an entire wheelie bin, maybe my garden isn't that small after all!

Stage 2 - Discovery! The previous tenants left us chives, wild garlic, a single tiny leek and two mint plants, as well as some mystery bulbs. 

Add to those finds a selection of edible weeds and that made a pretty good harvest considering I haven't planted anything yet!

Stage 3 - Digging. I borrowed a garden fork from a colleague and set to work. I'm going to look pretty silly taking a muddy fork on the bus tomorrow morning. 

I found plenty of worms. A very good sign.

Stage 4 - Sowing. I've planted perpetual spinach and some lettuce. 

I'm hoping to get some tasty eats in a few months. However, this is all a bit trial and error, so we'll just have to wait and see.

The garden now looks almost presentable.

Ta da!

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