Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My battle with mint, the Zombie of plants

Do you want a garden full of mint? Go for it. Its really easy.

The tricky part is having only a little bit of mint in your garden.

When I de-weeded my new garden I discovered one of the two mint plants that were there had died.

Don't feel sorry for it though, mint is like the un-dead.
It's really bloody hard to stop it taking over.

Zombies are a doddle compared to mint.

While the main plant had died back, under the ground thick roots had spread out throughout the garden and were sending up new plants all over the place.

While this is what you see on the surface:

This is what you find underground:

I'm not totally heartless though. I dug up every new shoot and re-potted them.
I'll have enough mint to last a life time.

Be warned: If you're going to plant mint into a garden, plant it out in a pot, not straight into the ground.

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